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What We Do

We help organisations to develop appropriate cultures for their businesses, revolving around the key areas of “Performance”, “Achievement” and “Learning”.
Within this broad sphere we help leaders to gain a greater level of performance from themselves, their people and their collective teams.
Our work is bespoke, designed specifically from client briefings and centred on a client’s goals.
We offer a range of tailored programmes and services from half-day workshops to 12-month programmes with a modular, blended learning structure involving group workshops, 1:1 coaching, virtual workshop and remote web-based activity.

...performance, achievement and learning

"Consistent energy, enthusiasm, drive & commitment - WOW you are utterly inspiring!"

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Making a difference, achieving results

"Steve is the best mirror you’ll ever look into!"

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Executive Coaching

It’s all about a total focus on our client. Their issues, their reality and their goals.
Our approach is simple and that is the value of coaching. We adopt an insightful and perceptive approach, challenging and supporting appropriately through focussed, meaningful conversation. It is the coach's deep listening and incisive questioning which in turn enables a client to make sense of their own thoughts – to reach confident decisions and help them navigate their way through their challenging world.

...a total focus on the individual

Navigate Through A Changing World

Team Coaching

Do your teams strive for excellence or could you be unwittingly tolerating mediocrity?
Teams and how to get the best from them is often a conundrum in business. This formed the basis of our research into high performance teams, which in turn forms our beliefs and approach to team coaching.
Whether changing markets, customer issues, moving goal posts or changes to internal team members, the team needs to be nimble footed, able to adapt and perform.
We work with teams to raise their performance bar, to understand what winning is in their context and how to win together. We explore the impact of the individual in the team and we link learning and the developing team processes to real business goals and projects. to win together.

"Be it The Red Arrows or medical surgeons, retailing or elite sport, Steve understands the attributes essential to success in teams, and uses his team coaching expertise to develop high performing teams. "


Developing High Performance Teams

Leadership Dewvelopment

Developing Leaders

We work with organisations to develop their leadership approach which serves to reflect the needs and values of the organisation.
Our approach develops the capability of leaders to inspire and to increase the success of people by developing their role as a coach.
Our programmes move beyond teaching skills and knowledge, ensuring a deeper attitudinal and emotional connection to the leadership and coaching role, resulting in new behaviours becoming embedded as habits for the longer term.

...building your capability to inspire

Coaching for Success

The corporate athlete

We have developed the concept of ‘Corporate Athlete’ following feedback from many of our clients and our own client mix of business and sport, drawing on Steve Harrison’s experience as a highly qualified cricket coach and tutor on the ECB ( England & Wales Cricket Board) Coach Education Programme.
Within the ‘Corporate Athlete’ programme we introduce High Performance Coaching techniques, drawn from the competitive world of sport to leaders in an organisation.
In essence the need to perform at the best possible level is common to both, driven by competition, there is no room in either business or sport to stand still; both have to change, develop, grow and learn.
Coaching is recognised in sport as an essential role and business globally is now catching up as more and more organisations search for a ‘winning’ edge, or an extra ‘x’ per cent from their people and teams.
The role of manager/leader in business has to be geared to getting the best out of people and teams; therefore, the role of the coach sits firmly at a leader’s door.

...high performance coaching techniques from the world of sport

The Corporate Athlete

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

As a specialist team coaching guru, Steve’s unique ability to recognise and then explain key dynamics and priorities in successful teams makes him a leader in his field.
He has worked with many of our emerging stars at the ECB in England youth teams. He has also played an active role in educating some of our leading coaches on the subject. His lively and polished delivery has made him a popular performer in our Coach Education programme.

"constructive and challenging feedback, genuine in their desire to deliver positive change." Estee Lauder