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Steve Harrison MSc
Performance Improvement Specialist
The Coaching Company

Steve Harrison is a performance coach, an early pioneer in business and leadership coaching who has constantly adapted to changing circumstances and client’s needs. He has ensured that his work has evolved to reflect the current digital era, whilst staying true to his core belief. Influenced by his involvement in elite level sport, Steve’s brand of coaching is about performance improvement.

He forms a pillar of support, creating challenge and inspiration which becomes the catalyst for positive change in leaders of today and the future.

...high performance team coaching, coaching capabilities of leaders and one-to-one coaching. Passion, energy, enthusiasm and inspiring...


With over 25 years’ coaching experience, successfully delivered to a variety of leaders and teams in business and elite sport both nationally and internationally, it’s fair to say that he’s not only seen the positives that successful leadership undeniably brings, but he’s built a name for himself as the ‘go-to’ person for transforming the impact of teams in the workplace.

Steve has coached in a broad range of industries, from luxury retail brands, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and professional services through to heavy industry, nuclear, public and social sectors, elite athletes and teams within high-level sport.  

Steve’s focus is on high performance team coaching, developing the coaching capability of leaders and one-to-one coaching in organisations. It’s a passion that is evident through his infectious energy, enthusiasm, personable, and frankly, inspiring demeanour.

Introducing clients to change, growth, empowerment, and ultimately effective leadership...


Steve creates an environment where his ‘how can I help you achieve the best of you’ stance comes into its own, ensuring a strong relationship based on trust and confidentiality, and encouraging an easy, comfortable flow of conversation. Think pragmatic, practical and positive. An empowering process of insight, clarity and reassurance where a burning desire to act is born.

His coaching will always be driven by your needs and goals. It could be to help you overcome typical ‘inner’ interferences or perceived barriers by building resilience, courage or being a trusted, supportive sounding board. Often tackling the big questions that can be both enlightening and challenging, which help you discover, stretch and grow. Steve is often simply there to help a busy executive make sense of their world, allowing them space to think, away from the looming deadlines and mountains of data, so they can leave a coaching session re-energised and refocused on what’s important.

The sole purpose is to introduce clients to change, growth, empowerment, and ultimately effective leadership. The latter being the key to all, for better leaders enable better performance from people, resulting in better business. That’s it! 

If you ask Steve what he does he’ll say he helps people and teams to thrive, to be fit for purpose, be future ready and to flourish. Steve feels that this coaching role is vital for any organisation to succeed, and his 25 years of experience and track record have produced a reputation that precedes him.

...a breadth of experience.


Steve’s qualifications include an MSc in Coaching & Development, he is a Master Practitioner NLP and Sport Psychology. He is also a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and has been an invited facilitator with the prestigious Windsor Leadership Trust for the past six years. For Steve though, his most significant qualification is his breadth of experience, something that does not go unnoticed by his clients.

Investing in coaching makes a lasting difference and a tangible return on your investment.


His approach to coaching will help your leaders create the conditions where people and teams will thrive and succeed. The evidence is there to be seen in his client list and wealth of testimonials throughout this site.

Taking the decision to invest in coaching for teams or a coaching programme to help leaders get the best from their people will be just that, an investment! Steve’s coaching will make a lasting difference and give you a real and tangible return on your investment.


Colin Reed
HR Director, Employee Relations Specialist, Managing Director, Non-Executive Director and Chairman.

“Steve and I met over 10 years ago as the result of a chance encounter on a train and on the two-hour journey discovered the alignment of our interests, Steve as a highly experienced Coach and myself as a Human Resources specialist. Since that chance meeting Steve and I have worked together and with my employers on a number of occasions, most recently Steve led a coaching programme at the Cumbrian nuclear facilities of Sellafield Limited.

“Steve’s focus is performance coaching. He is a coaching specialist, with 25 years of coaching experience across a range of business sectors as well as in elite sport. Steve has the advantage of taking up coaching at the beginning of the development of coaching as it is now understood and as it was being developed by Timothy Gallwey, Sir John Whitmore and others. But Steve has continued to develop and evolve the techniques and thinking and along with his clients has developed his approach to one tailored to what it is today. To that end, and during the pandemic of the last year, Steve has continued coaching using technology to support his clients when face-to-face meetings are not available.

“Steve’s background before coaching (during his earlier career) is in senior leadership roles in the corporate world and it on this that he has built his approach to coaching and from which he develops his understanding of the needs of clients, individuals and teams. His specialist niche is one-to-one leadership coaching, high performance team coaching and developing leaders as coaches along with coaching for performance in sport. All these elements of coaching contributing towards an embedded coaching style within a team.”

What the clients say...

Laura Mercier Cosmetics
"Last week’s session made a huge difference in my life and I can’t wait to have even more epiphanies going forward."


"You've changed their attitude from one of limited belief to one of greater confidence and belief in what could be achieved."

Bobbi Brown
"Staff are more committed and focused. I give them more space to come up with solutions and ideas. This is very motivating and helps them develop."

MAC Cosmetics

"I love this approach and truly believe in it, definately "life changing" for me."

"I have better skills available for all situations I am in."

Bobbi Brown

"I'm able to impact on my team more effectively and I am seeing great results."

Clients include...

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"the most powerful and impactful course I have ever been on " Clinique

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